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Our student-nurses conduct healthcare programmes year-round among target populations in villages, schools, slum colonies, individual families, hospital in-patient and out-patient departments, and health centers.

All community health activities aim at prevention of disease, promotion of health awareness and rehabilitative healthcare, across all age groups. The following programmes are undertaken on the basis of community surveys:
  • Prevention & management of malnutrition
  • Anaemia among children and pregnant women
  • Accidents at home
  • Education on nutritive value of locally available foods
  • Importance of personal and environmental hygiene
  •  Home management of seasonal illness
  • Awareness on social issues
  • Imparting health education to school children on healthy habits, personal hygiene, awreness on Dengue fever, Maleria, Water borne diseases , ill effects of junk food etc 

Following are some of the Community Outreach Programmes undertaken by HFINE's student-nurses since 2005.

Rural Community Outreach Project

Rural Public Health Centre
Utkarsh, Dattaguru Nagar,
Patil Village, Asangaon (E)
Thane District, Shahpur,

1. Family Planning – Methods, Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Substance Abuse
  • Prevention of Environmental Pollution
  • Prevention & control of Dengue fever, Maleria
  • Students participate in all National Health Programs especially Pulse Polio.
* Ill-effects of Alcoholism
* Tuberculosis Prevention, Control & Treatment

2. Kaman, Thane District
Students undertook 3 projects:
  • Family Planning – Methods, Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Importance of Education
  • Leprosy Prevention, Control & Treatment
Urban Community Outreach
1. Bharadawada Health Post, Andheri (West), Mumbai
*National Pulse Polio Programme

2. H/West Ward, Bandra. Collaborated with Navjeet Community Health Centre, Bandra. Venue: Jaffer Baba Colony. Conducted various health education programmes such as prevention & control of malaria, ill-effects of alcoholism, home management of burns, cuts, wounds, etc.

3.Amar Nagar Health Post Kurla (W)
Health Education & Role play on Prevention & control of Malaria, Dengue fever